Karibu Kenya: 7 reasons this country should be on every Bangladeshi traveller’s bucket list!

For most Bangladeshis, Africa is a country, not a continent. If you tell your relatives you will be heading to Kenya for vacation, you will likely hear confusion. Then, some racist remark about how it’s all jungle and full of tribal people *rolls eyes*. I have traveled extensively throughout Africa, from north, south, east, and west. Honestly, I do not take it lightly when I say Kenya is incredible! Kenya is a beautiful coastal nation located in east Africa. Renowned for its climate, natural beauty, and exciting history, Kenya is a country that should be on every adventurer’s bucket list. I hope to encourage and convince you to plan your next vacation to Kenya through this post. Trust me, you will not regret it when I tell you.

Visa: Every serious Bangladeshi traveler knows that the biggest hurdle between them and their dream destination, apart from Money, is getting a Visa. With a passport that only allows travel to 42 countries visa-free/ visa on arrival, we Bangladeshis miss a lot. But with Visa on arrival available for Bangladeshi Citizens in Kenya, we too can be like one of those privileged people that simply book a flight and go!

The beach: Perhaps because we host the longest sandy beach in the world or maybe because we are almost submerged in water, we Bengalis LOVE a beach holiday. And trust me when I say Kenya will not disappoint. Boasting a coastline of over 500 km on the Indian Ocean, Kenya has some of the most beautiful beaches with pristine white sand and clear blue waters.

Water and adventure sports: For the adrenaline junkie in you, Kenya has water and adventure sports options. Including one of the few skydiving spots in the world that allow you to land on the beach, and so for my 27th birthday, I bought myself a few seconds of freefalling and feeling like a bird. Skydiving on Diani beach on the coast of Kenya was one of my favorite experiences to date. There is no greater feeling than freedom like a bird, with no care. Furthermore, Kenya also has excellent diving, snorkeling, and surfing spots.

Hiking: As Bangladesh is a relatively flat country, we don’t have many options to go hiking. But Kenya is here to fulfill that need too! From Ngong Hills to Karuro Forests, Kenya has beautiful hiking trails with lush green nature and beautiful sights!

Coffee: Being close to the country where coffee famously originated from – Ethiopia, it is no surprise that Kenya has its own booming coffee industry. Kenyan Coffee is rich, aromatic, and delicious. So you can start every morning with a cup of delicious freshly brewed coffee to last you till your next cup ;).

Arts and Crafts: Kenya is home to some of the most incredible arts and crafts I have ever encountered. From amazing woodwork to intricate beadwork, Kenya has it all. Be sure to explore the markets in Nairobi and bargain before you strike a deal!

Wildlife: No first trip to Kenya would ever be complete without a safari! Like its neighbors, Kenya has rich and diverse nature and the opportunity to experience a Safari. In fact, there is a national park smack inside the capital city of Nairobi. This is surreal because you have this vast landmass full of wild animals, but you can still see the tall buildings nearby. Also, don’t forget to hang out with Giraffes at the giraffe center!

Maliha Fairooz is an award winning Bangladeshi solo traveler, who has travelled to over a 100 countries. Through her blog www.maliharoundtheworld.com she shares her experience of traveling as a brown, Muslim, Bangladeshi woman while simultaneously encouraging a culture of travel amongst Bangladeshi youth.

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