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Hi! My name is Maliha and I am a Bangladeshi solo traveller who has been to a 100 countries. My story starts in our thriving capital city Dhaka where I was born to a pair of rather progressive parents. Both my parents have been keen on travelling and having studied abroad, my father wanted nothing more than to see the world. And so, he raised me, his only child, to be an adventurer. At age 4, my parents decided to take me on my first lever long trip.  We went to The UK, France, Netherlands and the US. I wish you could see how my eyes glimmered at the sight of all these different types of architectures, buildings so tall, cathedrals so elaborate and art so foreign… this, combined with the newness of how people looked, spoke, dressed and walked, the different languages accompanied with the different cultures took me to cloud 9. And it is this high, that I continue to chase till this day with my adventures around the world.

Since then, I have gone on to live in 10 new countries across 3 different continents and travelled to my 100th country. Through my blog, I like sharing thoughts and stories from my adventures across the worlds. Travel is ultimately neo-colonial, it favours those from richer and imperial backgrounds. It is important for us dismantle those narratives, and through my story telling I raise awareness about this topic, through my experiences, observations and story telling. All the while staying true to my Bangali roots. So follow me along, as I try to do the impossible and travel to all 197 countries whilst decolonising travel, one country at a time. Joy bangla! ❤️🇧🇩

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Embrace the unknown, take the leap, and discover the world’s beauty. Travel opens minds and hearts.